• Turn Business Unusual
    into Business As Usual
  • Enhance the joint leadership
    - realize the benefit
    of change initiatives
  • Create solid results
    from sustainable change

enabling change

enabling change has been founded with the purpose of enabling leaders and organizations to succeed with change, whether it’s with strategic change processes, business transformation, or organizational implementation of projects.

Thus, our aim is to enable leaders to achieve great success with change processes and initiatives, transformation, and realization of strategy.


enabling change offers advice, consultancy, guidance and training for leaders, project managers and organizations to help them succeed with their change, transformation, and organizational implementation.

enabling change focuses on three levels of change:

  • Strategic Level
  • Programme and Project Level
  • Recipient Level

We support change across all three levels – from providing advice and assistance at the start of a strategic change or transformation process, to executing change projects or programmes, and, finally, to offering support to leadership in receiving and implementing sustainable changes that realize the wished-for benefits and support the strategic goals.


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Successful in an agile world – strengthen the joint leadership of change

Successful change requires joint ownership of direction and desired value creation, that the chosen method for leading projects should support the desired change, and, finally, that change must be handled in its entirety with the recipient as the main focus instead of the single project. This article focuses on joint ownership across functions. (DK version only)

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Do you dare to release change?

Leaders often express that their middle managers and employees should take greater responsibility for change and the development of change capabilities. The leader is the change scenographer who must dare to release change and create the environment for teams to develop. Read more about what it requires from a leader to create the room for change – and courage is part of it! (DK version only)

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Do you outsource the responsibility for change?

Change is owned by the business, and the individual manager can’t outsource this ownership. Do external consultants have a role in organizational change? Yes, absolutely, but not as the traditional driver of change. This blog highlights how we can accomplish the best of both worlds: ownership, will and ability internally in the organization to drive change. This should be combined with relevant external experience and competence to ensure successful, sustainable change. (DK version only)

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Louise Ellekilde Fogstrup, partner enabling change, discusses the importance of change management and benefit realization from projects on the Danish business magazine Business.dk (DK version only)

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Louise Ellekilde Fogstrup, partner enabling change, and the Danish Professional Engineering Academy are focusing on the importance of change management and the organizational implementation of projects (DK version only)

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Who are we

enabling change has been founded by Louise Ellekilde Fogstrup with the purpose of enabling organizations, leaders and project managers to succeed with change initiatives and to ensure the benefit realization and value creation from change and business transformation.

Over the last 10+ years, Louise’s professional focus has been strategic change, business transformation and change projects, including transformation programmes across countries. Louise holds a master’s degree in business economics and is a practitioner of both MSP and PRINCE2. Louise is an experienced lecturer, presenter and facilitator. She has lived, studied, and worked outside Denmark on several occasions.

How we work

Success we always keep the focus on the desired outcome

Honesty we will always offer our honest opinion and professional judgement

Respect we respect the people and organizations we work with

Professionalism we have deep professional insights and deliver well documents results

Pragmatism our approach includes creative, playful elements to ensure solid, sustainable and pragmatic solutions